September 17, 2015 Edition
2015 Life Sciences M&A Update
The 2015 SRS Life Sciences M&A Update uses expanded data from our 2012 Life Sciences Study and identifies key findings related to the percentage of milestones paid, and the aggregate number of deals with disputes.

May 18, 2015 Edition
2015 SRS Acquiom M&A Claims Study
Analyzes post-closing escrow claim activity across 720 private-target acquisitions on which SRS Acquiom served as the shareholder representative from 2010 through 2014.


  • New Regulations Will Shake Up M&A Escrow Landscape

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  • Shedding Light on the Terms of Undisclosed M&A Deals

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  • Tales from the Trenches

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"Our transaction had an extremely tight timeframe. The Acquiom Clearinghouse team worked with us around the clock to make sure it closed on time. They were so responsive and easy to work with. I will definitely recommend their services to my clients!" Flore Kanmacher
Counsel, Perkins Coie