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Most M&A lawyers move on to the next deal without much thought about how tedious the payments process can be for merger parties. SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse is a significant value-add-on to an M&A practitioner’s client toolkit.

- Nicholas Deitrich, Retired Partner, Gowlings

What SRS Acquiom does is not part of our brain process. We just want things to be done…no pain, no problems. They make sure nothing gets in the way of my deal.

- Nils Holum, Vice President, Middle Market Private Equity Firm

Unlike most paying agents, a sophisticated payments administrator handles the headache of employee compensation with ease. They provide peace of mind.

- Benton Bodamer, Counsel, Goodwin Procter

SRS Acquiom takes a process that has often been problematic and makes it simple. In particular, their unique online portal provides an extremely useful way for shareholders to track and monitor their escrow balances and status.

- Scott Ring, General Counsel and Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners