Our professional shareholder representation services team is purpose-built to ensure the depth and breadth of skills required to solve post-closing problems in common and uncommon deal situations and achieve the best possible outcomes for shareholders. See how our team of experts goes beyond the expected to solve problems for clients in the videos below.

Seven-Figure Sexual Harassment Claim

Shortly before closing, a seller was faced with a sexual harassment allegation and request for a seven-figure claim. Our seasoned shareholder advisory team immediately stepped in at a time of emergency to de-escalate the situation through confidential mediation, and negotiate a settlement to one-tenth of the requested amount – removing concern for the new buyer and allowing for the release of escrow on schedule. Learn more in the video below.

Multi-Million Dollar Indemnity Claims

The seller in a large biotech deal received multiple indemnity claims over several months, culminating in a fraud claim into the tens of millions of dollars. Our team of experts calmly defused this situation through confidential mediation, ultimately reducing all of the claims to a third of the escrow and also building a strong relationship with the buyer in the process. Learn more in the video below.

Multi-Million Dollar Purchase Price Adjustment Claims

A seller was facing allegations of fraud and other claims worth several million dollars against a purchase price adjustment escrow, a scenario that could have been disastrous and expensive for shareholders. Watch the video below to learn how our team of experts solved this problem with a solution that left both seller and buyer pleased.

Ensuring an Optimal Multi-Currency Escrow Release

In handling an escrow release for a global multi-billion dollar deal across multiple time zones and currencies, SRS Acquiom could have simply instructed the escrow agent to release the funds. Our team went beyond the expected to work with the escrow agent and release funds throughout the day – and night – to optimize foreign exchange rates for each individual securityholder. Watch the video below to learn more.

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