SRS Acquiom continues to challenge the status quo. Over the last decade, we’ve  pioneered the modern shareholder representative, built the first M&A online payment system, and created the first charitable mechanism specifically designed for dealmakers. We believe in constant innovation. That is exactly why we have updated the look and feel of our brand.

Our new brand better reflects our focus:  providing deal parties with the freedom to do more through a single, comprehensive platform that makes M&A transactions as efficient as possible. When you’re working on a merger or acquisition, time is a limited resource. You want to spend yours on what you do best. That’s where we’ve always come in. We pair tailored, expert service with game-changing data and technology that guides you through complex deals and provides you with the freedom to do more. We like to think of it as helping the M&A community elevate their gain.

After 10 years and 1,500 closed transactions valued at over $248 billion we’ve built the most comprehensive platform available to manage escrows, payments, risk, documents, and claims for M&A transactions. We have also launched a variety of data-driven insurance products, including representations and warranties insurance (RWI) to ensure things run smoothly, even after close.

Over the next few months, we’ll continue the expansion of our platform to include an interactive tool to explore the “market standard” for deal terms. You’ll also see the new look of SRS Acquiom roll-out across all of our current solutions. One thing that won’t change is our focus on service and commitment to our clients.

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