Streamline and simplify the process for paying a seller’s former employees.

Eliminate the administrative headaches and costs associated with keeping the seller’s current or former employees on payroll after the deal closes.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

When you add compensation payments to a payments administration engagement, SRS Acquiom can pay former employees directly, even years after the deal closes. We manage tax withholding, W2s, and record keeping so you can focus on your newly acquired business.

Integrated Platform: Seamlessly pair payments services with other SRS Acquiom solutions like escrows for a one-stop, simplified deal experience.

Seamless Payments: SRS Acquiom keeps track of post-closing distributions from escrows, earnout payments, or other amounts due to these individuals.

Responsive Team: We provide exceptional service because we understand the M&A ecosystem. We’re available whenever you need us, and we deliver results on your schedule.