Secure the appropriate M&A indemnification package for your deal

No two deals are alike and no one indemnification provision is a universal fit for every deal. Our team of M&A professionals is uniquely positioned to ensure you obtain the right indemnification solution for each deal, whether it be an escrow, representations and warranties insurance (RWI) or a mix of both. We provide you with unique insights from proprietary data relevant to your M&A deal, so you can make an informed choice regarding indemnification. We offer both buy-side and sell-side reps & warranties insurance (RWI) and robust, M&A-specific escrow options.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

  • Independent Solutions
    Our role as an escrow agent and a reps & warranties insurance broker gives us a unique view of the M&A market and an unbiased ability to assist with whichever solution best fits your deal. Expertise with multiple solutions keeps us neutral and flexible.
  • Speed
    We live in the M&A ecosystem and understand the urgency of getting information and agreements on your schedule, not ours.
  • Single Source
    You'll no longer need to engage multiple vendors to get insurance and escrow for your deal. SRS Acquiom does it all.
  • The Right Team
    Our team of M&A professionals, including former corporate attorneys and reps & warranties insurance underwriters, can provide you with escrow quotes, and obtain reps & warranties insurance (RWI) quotes from insurers. We can help you select an insurer that’s right for your deal and negotiate coverage and policy wording.