How do you ensure you’re procuring the appropriate indemnification package for your specific deal?

While others only offer escrows or insurance, we’re interested in providing what’s best for your deal.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

We believe the solution should fit the deal, rather than the other way around. That’s why we don’t just sell you an escrow or insurance. Instead, we provide you with unique insights into the risk issues in your transaction. Our proprietary claims data from more than 2,300 deals comprises the largest database in the industry, so you can make an informed choice regarding indemnification whether the deal needs insurance, an escrow, or both. We offer both buy-side and sell-side policies alongside robust, M&A-specific escrow options.

Smarter Decisions: We have proprietary claims data from over 2,300 deals, to help you decide what coverage is right for your deal.

Single Source: No longer will you need multiple vendors for M&A indemnification. SRS Acquiom does it all.

Responsive Team: Our experienced in-house insurance brokers work on your schedule and keep open lines of communication. You stay in control of all major decisions.

Comprehensive Solutions: Our robust platform of M&A solutions works together or independently to streamline deal management.