800 Deals
$130 Billion

Global Leadership.

SRS Acquiom helps merger parties complete M&A transactions more efficiently and economically with industry-leading shareholder representation, payments administration
and enhanced escrow solutions.

Acquiom® Compensation Payments

Handles the huge complications of payments to option holders and those treated as taxable employee compensation. Another problem

M&A Payments

Simple. Fast. Finally.

Acquiom Clearinghouse reinvents how merger
proceeds are disbursed. Buyers fund one account
and are done. Selling shareholders submit
everything in a few clicks, and get
paid quickly.

$453 Million =
An Unmatched
Track Record

Two-thirds of M&A transactions have material post-closing issues. SRS Acquiom has achieved a 69% reduction in the value of contested claims against escrow — saving shareholders $453 million, or over 20x our fees.

Data To Drive
Better Deals

Competitive Advantage.

With experience on 800 deals, SRS Analytics applies
one of the most comprehensive databases on M&A
transactions ever assembled to create innovative
new services. We put our data to work for you.

Released: 2014 SRS Acquiom M&A Deal Terms Study

Just Released:  2015 SRS Acquiom M&A Claims Study

Continuous Innovation In M&A Post-Closing Services

Payments Administration. Acquiom brings simplicity and better economics to outdated processes. Acquiom Compensation Payments handles the huge complications of paying option holders and others treated as taxable employee compensation. Acquiom Clearinghouse is a revolutionary online platform that makes the whole process easy and simple. Buyers fund one account and are done. Shareholders finish in a few clicks and get paid quickly. (More)

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Escrow Solutions. Acquiom distributes Enhanced Escrow Solutions from top-tier banks that offer immediate liquidity and higher yields. When combined with payments administration services, the whole process is even more streamlined.  (More)

Shareholder Representation. We maximize deal value and safeguard the interests of 80,000 selling shareholders. Our dispute management team has successfully contested hundreds of claims against escrow, returning over $453M of the amount claimed. Shareholders receive 24/7 online access to critical information. Just a few reasons why we are the global leader.  (More)


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