We didn’t invent M&A. We made it more efficient.

At SRS Acquiom, our sole focus is on M&A—specifically, making deals happen more efficiently. Since 2007, we have been continuously innovating to solve issues in mergers and acquisitions. Our robust, seamless platform carries the mechanics of your deal through closing and beyond.

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Minimize surprises while closing.

When you’re closing an M&A deal, avoiding problems and costly delays is key. Both buy- and sell-side mergers and acquisitions parties benefit from a comprehensive solution. SRS Acquiom helps streamline and speed your transaction before, during, and after close.

Your frustration Our solution
You want to make sure your shareholders get paid as quickly as possible.
You don’t have time to chase down pre-closing consent from multiple stockholders.
Pre-Closing Solicitation manages the whole process efficiently, guiding shareholders through SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse™, our intuitive online system.
You’re tired of an escrow process that’s overly bureaucratic.
We help streamline escrow KYC, while providing both principal protection and the opportunity for higher yields.
You want the right amount of representations and warranties insurance coverage—no more and no less.
We provide M&A-specific underwriting insight and have proprietary data to help you select the right insurance coverage for your specific deal.
You don’t want to assume the risks of shareholder representation.
We are a deep and diverse team of transactional and litigation lawyers, accountants and tax experts who invented professional shareholder representation. Our expert team works on your schedule.
You want to know what’s market for your deal.
Our regularly updated MarketStandard™ database analyzes data from more than 1,500 deals.

The People of SRS Acquiom