We didn’t invent M&A. We made it more efficient.

Over the years, SRS Acquiom has identified and solved inefficiencies within M&A transactions. Beginning with pioneering professional shareholder representation in 2007, our dynamic, robust platform now includes the industry’s most comprehensive payments solution, the first fully insured escrow investment option, and the only online solution for pre-closing stockholder solicitation. We are driven to continue to deliver more efficient solutions to the M&A market’s most sophisticated investors, acquirers, and their advisors.

With SRS Acquiom Without SRS Acquiom
Shareholder Representation With SRS Acquiom: Experienced professional representation Without SRS Acquiom: A single shareholder had to volunteer
Payments With SRS Acquiom: Comprehensive, simple, online, fast, tested and trusted Without SRS Acquiom: Slow, low tech. Requires multiple vendors for all payment needs
Escrows With SRS Acquiom: Smarter escrows designed for M&A; KYC management to simplify onboarding Without SRS Acquiom: Low-yield, off-the-shelf products, missed opportunity to use escrows to enhance proposals and reduce deal fees
Insurance With SRS Acquiom: Data-driven decision making Without SRS Acquiom: Investment analysis in a black box
Market Data With SRS Acquiom: Robust data from largest database available, specific to your deal Without SRS Acquiom: Limited
Vendor Management With SRS Acquiom: One partner delivering a comprehensive platform of offerings Without SRS Acquiom: Separate vendors require involvement of multiple parties to get deals done

The People of SRS Acquiom