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In private M&A, there is still significant work to do after the deal closes. Crucial tasks remain, such as managing and protecting the escrow, preparing accurate schedules for all post-closing distributions, fielding inquiries from and communicating to the selling securityholders, negotiating claims against the escrow, and assuring full payout of any achieved earnouts. They are not only time-consuming, but also come with financial, personal, and professional risks that investors and individuals do not want to take.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

In 2007, SRS Acquiom invented a new service in response to these challenges: professional shareholder representation. Today, we are the market leader, and we work with almost every major venture capital group and many of the largest private equity funds in the U.S., Europe, and Israel.

  • Experience-Driven Results: Nearly two-thirds of all private-target M&A deals will see a claim against the escrow. SRS Acquiom has represented 145,000 shareholders and effectively negotiated over 1,600 post-closing claims.
  • Skilled Experts: We have a dedicated team of professionals with unrivaled M&A indemnity claim experience, supported by their deep and varied backgrounds in litigation, forensic accounting, intellectual property, and more.
  • Responsive Team: Each deal is appointed a senior executive to oversee all aspects of the transaction. In addition, our customer service team is available for any issues that may arise during or after closing. We ensure the process is simple and stress-free.

Client Quotes and Stories

See why clients rely on us to
elevate their gain.
SRS Acquiom provides seamless shareholder representation and is a great resource for M&A terms and rep & warranty insurance.
Dave Markland, CFO and Administrative Partner, Tenaya Capital
SRS Acquiom is changing the rules for how M&A payments are administered and how the post-closing period is managed.
Steve Miles, Group Vice President and Sales Director, SunTrust Bank
Most M&A lawyers move on to the next deal without much thought about how tedious the payments process can be for merger parties. SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse is a significant value-add-on to an M&A practitioner’s client toolkit.
Nicholas Deitrich, Retired Partner, Gowlings
M&A deal technology has evolved, but some aspects haven’t changed for decades. Services like SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse show what technology can do to make the deal process more efficient from both an economic and practical standpoint.
John Hughes, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
SRS Acquiom has earned our business and future business. They make a complicated process simple and keep lines of communication open at all times.
Jim Bullock, President and CEO, Zyga Technology
SRS Acquiom has been flexible and responsive to our many needs. They get the job done and have exceeded our tough standards.
Peggy Tirrell, Assistant General Counsel, Dell, Inc.
SRS Acquiom takes a process that has often been problematic and makes it simple. In particular, their unique online portal provides an extremely useful way for shareholders to track and monitor their escrow balances and status.
Scott Ring, General Counsel and Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
Unlike most paying agents, a sophisticated payments administrator handles the headache of employee compensation with ease. They provide peace of mind.
Benton Bodamer, Counsel, Goodwin Procter
What SRS Acquiom does is not part of our brain process. We just want things to be pain, no problems. They make sure nothing gets in the way of my deal.
Nils Holum, Vice President, Middle Market Private Equity Firm
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