The industry’s most experienced partner for professional shareholder representation services in private target M&A

We invented professional shareholder representation in 2007 and have been leading the way ever since. We saw a need in the market and created a service that changed the way deals get done—in fact, we work with founders and management teams from almost every major venture capital group and many of the largest private equity funds in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. See our client success stories.

We’ve found with SRS Acquiom that we get better information and quicker responses and we still maintain significant involvement in the decision making process when material issues do arise.”

– Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group

In private M&A, there is still significant work to do after the deal closes. Crucial tasks remain, such as managing and protecting the escrow, preparing accurate schedules for all post-closing distributions, fielding inquiries from and communicating to the selling securityholders, and assuring full payout of any achieved earnouts.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

  • Experience-Driven Results
    Nearly two-thirds of all private-target M&A deals will see a claim against the escrow. SRS Acquiom has represented over 270,000 shareholders and effectively negotiated over 2500 post-closing claims.
  • Skilled Experts
    We have a dedicated team of professionals with unrivaled M&A indemnity claim and earnout experience, supported by their deep and varied backgrounds in litigation, forensic accounting, intellectual property and more.
  • Responsive Team
    Each deal is appointed a senior executive to oversee all aspects of the M&A transaction. In addition, our customer service team is available for any issues that may arise during or after closing. We ensure the process is simple and stress-free.