One of the most sophisticated loan agency services platforms in the industry with the expertise to match.

True to our heritage of bringing simplicity, efficiency and expertise to complex financial transactions, SRS Acquiom provides unbiased, independent, third-party loan agency services for syndicated and bilateral loans. In an industry with only a handful of independent third-party agents and a staggering volume of outstanding loans, we bring an experienced, technology-minded and client-focused agent service to the market.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

  • The Right Team
    SRS Acquiom professionals have an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience acting as loan agent in complex credit agreements. As a member in the leading credit industry trade associations, SRS Acquiom is well informed and at the leading edge of trends or regulations that could impact your deals. We are members in good standing of—Loan Syndication and Trading Association (LSTA) and American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).
  • Advanced Technology
    SRS Acquiom tech-enabled solutions boost efficiency, organization, and access to information.
  • Responsiveness
    With a seasoned staff plus best-in-class systems to handle cash management, collateral tracking, tax reporting, and covenant tracking, we focus on exceeding client expectations. Having SRS Acquiom serve as administrative agent and the central information hub for the borrower and lenders greatly increases the efficiency of a syndicated loan.
  • Options
    SRS Acquiom can handle a wide range of credit facilities as Administrative Agent, Collateral Agent, Successor Agent or

    Typical duties SRS Acquiom performs when acting as Sub-Agent

    • Maintain Register
    • Set Interest Rates
    • Make Interest, Principal & Fee Payments
    • Distribute Rate & Payment Notices
    • Process Assignments
    • Respond to Inquiries