Business Escrow Solutions

SRS Acquiom offers a range of escrow and holdback services designed for bankruptcy, litigation and settlement, capital raising, subscription, municipal and construction needs.

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A superior escrow agent.

Rely on exceptional and responsive service honed over a decade of providing escrow and paying agent solutions to sophisticated deal parties.

Funds held at top-tier financial institutions, including:

SRS Acquiom serves as a neutral, third-party agent for M&A and business escrows.

  • Bankruptcy Escrows
    We can set up and service escrows for 363 sales and other needs related to bankruptcies.
  • Business Litigation & Settlement Escrows
    We can serve as escrow agent for business litigation escrows, and certain class action escrow funds and qualified settlement funds (QSFs).
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    We offer exceptional service and global bank security to address the complex escrow and paying agent needs of M&A deal parties.
  • Capital Raising Escrows
    We provide capital raising and subscription escrow agent services for private equity, venture capital, and other fundraising applications.
  • Construction Escrows
    We service escrow accounts for construction and contractor retention to ensure funds are properly disbursed.
  • Municipal Escrows
    We can provide certain escrow services for municipalities related to their contracts with outside contractors.
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Why Choose SRS Acquiom for escrow services?

Pair our deal-speed service and expert team with the security of the world’s largest banks.

Comprehensive and user-friendly payments.

Disburse funds and make payments seamlessly with our comprehensive and intuitive digital payments solution, built for complex and high- speed transactions.

Intuitive digital dashboard.

Keep tabs on balances, disbursements, statements, and other relevant information in real time with SRS Acquiom Deal DashboardTM.

Faster, simpler KYC.

Reduce the drag of lengthy, cumbersome Know-Your-Customer processes with a simplified approach that’s valid for three years after initial completion.

Single points of contact.

Rely on one highly responsive relationship manager assigned to your account

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