October 13, 2020

SRS Acquiom Partners with HSBC to Provide M&A Escrow and Payment Services


October 13, 2020


SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse® to Offer Expanded Foreign Exchange Capabilities

DENVER, CO – October 14, 2020 – SRS Acquiom, an innovative leader in delivering technology-enabled services for M&A and bilateral or syndicated loan deals, today announced its partnership with HSBC Bank USA (“HSBC”), to provide M&A escrow and payments services. As part of this partnership, SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse, the industry’s leading online M&A payments administration platform, expands its foreign currency exchange capabilities to make it simple and easy for shareholders to receive payment in their preferred currency.

“Our partnership with HSBC will allow SRS Acquiom’s clients to benefit from HSBC’s global reach. HSBC is one of the world’s premier banks, and this partnership allows us to continue our tradition of offering the best M&A escrow and payments services in the market. Additionally, by partnering with HSBC, we are also now able to offer a unique, streamlined foreign currency exchange process for M&A deals,” said Paul Koenig, CEO and Co-Founder of SRS Acquiom.

The SRS Acquiom platform helps clients navigate complicated financial transactions within M&A and bilateral or syndicated loan deals through a variety of tech-enabled solutions, including the industry’s leading online M&A payments administration service and online deal dashboard. The SRS Acquiom platform replaces hassles associated with the tedious paper-driven process with a single, simple and secure online letter of transmittal – allowing shareholders to complete the process remotely in minutes and easily select the currency in which they would like to be paid.

“As the world’s leading international bank, we are committed to driving innovation that brings efficiency to complex transactions,” said Drew Douglas, Head of Liquidity & Cash Management, US and Canada, at HSBC. “Through closely collaborating with the SRS Acquiom team, we were able to integrate directly into their platform to deliver an innovative foreign currency payment solution, enhancing the overall SRS Acquiom customer experience.”

About SRS Acquiom

SRS Acquiom offers the most comprehensive platform to help deal parties manage complex financial transactions within mergers & acquisitions and bilateral or syndicated loan deals. Our solutions include paying and escrow agent services, online pre-closing solicitation, representations and warranties insurance brokerage, professional shareholder representation, and for loan and credit transactions, administrative, collateral and sub-agent services. Since 2007, we have helped businesses, investors, lenders, and advisors complete transactions as efficiently and effectively as possible, so they can focus on building strong businesses, and maximizing value. For more information visit the SRS Acquiom website.

About HSBC

HSBC Holdings plc, the parent company of the HSBC Group, is headquartered in London. HSBC
serves customers worldwide from offices in 64 countries and territories in our geographical regions:
Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, and Middle East and North Africa. With assets of
US$2,715bn at 31 December 2019, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services

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