March 22, 2021

SRS Acquiom Partners With Oak Branch Advisors To Bolster Loan Agency Platforms


March 22, 2021


DENVER, CO – March 23, 2021 – SRS Acquiom, which provides independent, conflict-free third-party loan agency services for syndicated and bilateral loans, today announced its partnership with Oak Branch Advisors (“Oak Branch”). The partnership provides SRS Acquiom’s loan agency clients access to Oak Branch’s suite of services, including transaction and collateral modeling, cash flow calculations, complex waterfall modeling, covenant monitoring and collateral compliance testing.

Oak Branch’s propriety financial services technology, alongside SRS Acquiom’s sophisticated loan agency platforms will assist clients in monitoring and assigning value to their covenants and collateral, calculating cash flows, providing comprehensive transaction surveillance and accessing credit advisory services more easily and efficiently throughout the lifecycle of their credit facility.

“We are pleased to partner with Oak Branch, which delivers our clients access to their services, and, when combined with the SRS Acquiom platform, will offer our clients a one-stop shop that enables them to manage their loans efficiently and effectively,” said Renee Kuhl, Executive Director at SRS Acquiom, Loan Agency.

“Oak Branch is excited to be partnering with SRS Acquiom to extend to our clients access to their specialized technology platform and expertise in loan agency services. Our complementary offerings will be of great value to private credit managers seeking a full suite of best-in-class asset servicing solutions,” said Chad Burhance, CEO of Oak Branch Advisors.

SRS Acquiom Loan Agency provides administrative agent, collateral agent and sub-agent services for Syndicated Loans and Bilateral Loans by acting as a neutral third-party administrator between the borrower and its lenders. The Company’s experienced team of loan agency experts have years of experience across a variety of complex credit agreements, including DIP financing and various other distressed loans and leverage best-in-class systems to handle cash management, collateral tracking, tax reporting, and covenant tracking.

About SRS Acquiom

SRS Acquiom offers the most comprehensive platform to help deal parties manage complex financial transactions within mergers & acquisitions and bilateral or syndicated loan deals. Our solutions include paying and escrow agent services, online pre-closing solicitation, representations and warranties insurance brokerage, professional shareholder representation, and for loan and credit transactions, administrative, collateral and sub-agent services. Since 2007, we have helped businesses, investors, lenders, and advisors complete transactions as efficiently and effectively as possible, so they can focus on building strong businesses, and maximizing value. For more information visit the SRS Acquiom website.

About Oak Branch Advisors

Oak Branch Advisors is a unique private credit specialty service firm that provides loan administration and transaction surveillance services for all private credit asset classes to large asset managers, insurance companies, fund administrators and non-profits. The firm specializes in transaction and collateral modeling, cash flow calculations, complex waterfall modeling, covenant monitoring, collateral compliance testing and bespoke reporting, enhancing clients’ operational efficiency and saving them time and money. Oak Branch Advisors operates across all sectors of private debt including real estate, direct lower middle market corporate and esoteric/ABS types of transactions. For more information visit the Oak Branch website.

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