February 9, 2022

SRS Acquiom Record Growth Outpaces Private-Target M&A Volume


February 9, 2022


DENVER, CO – February 10, 2022 – SRS Acquiom, which provides a comprehensive platform to help manage complex financial transactions within mergers and acquisitions and bilateral or syndicated loan facilities, today announced that the firm saw a 190% increase year-over-year in deals for which it provided services and a 185% increase year-over-year increase on deals where it acted as shareholder representative. The company’s growth significantly outpaced the record volume of the 2021 global M&A market, which saw an approximately 24% increase in M&A transactions. Notable engagements in which SRS Acquiom acted as shareholder representative in 2021 include YASA’s sale to Daimler UK, Drizly’s sale to UBER, CEDAR’s sale to Precisely, BA Sports’ sale to Coca-Cola, and Suja Life’s sale to PSP Surf.

SRS Acquiom introduced professional shareholder representation as a service to deal parties seeking to alleviate post-closing stress and uncertainty in 2007. The Company’s experienced team has a deep bench of industry professionals with substantial in-house expertise in investigation, negotiation, and dispute resolution related to working capital calculations, earnouts, indemnification claims, intellectual property, tax, accounting, life sciences, and employment issues.

“In a year with significant growth in volume of M&A transactions across sectors, the presence of SRS Acquiom grew even faster,” said Casey McTigue, Managing Director at SRS Acquiom. “SRS Acquiom brought important issues on behalf of shareholders in several notable rulings in the Delaware courts that resulted in favorable outcomes supporting the enforcement of shareholder rights.”

SRS Acquiom’s Professional Shareholder Representation service is uniquely committed to the effective protection of shareholder interests during M&A transactions. Additionally, SRS Acquiom has built a substantial track record of other innovations across the M&A space, including the leading Paying Agent platform, SRS Acquiom Clearinghouse—a comprehensive online M&A payments system, fully integrated with global FX, enabling shareholders to be paid quickly and accurately.

“SRS Acquiom was the first M&A administrator to provide these services to deal parties across private target markets, we’ve continued to grow our dominance in this evolving and critical role, and we’re just getting started.” said Paul Koenig, Chief Executive Officer of SRS Acquiom. “We are proud to have represented deal parties across industries and look forward to continuing to provide unparalleled expertise and insight to help them navigate the nuances of post-closing issues.”

About SRS Acquiom
SRS Acquiom offers the most comprehensive platform to help deal parties manage complex financial transactions within mergers & acquisitions and bilateral or syndicated loan deals. Our solutions include paying and escrow agent services, online document solicitation and reporting, professional shareholder representation, and for loan and credit transactions, independent administrative, collateral, and sub-agent services. Since 2007, we have helped businesses, investors, lenders, and advisors complete transactions as efficiently and effectively as possible, so they can focus on building strong businesses and maximizing value.

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