With a tightening credit market, lenders are balancing risks and timing. When will the U.S. recession occur, or will it occur at all? Will the U.S. Federal Reserve continue to raise interest rates in an environment of continued spending? Loan defaults are remaining lower than anticipated, but will it last?

SRS Acquiom recently partnered with Debtwire to investigate how loan professionals view the current lending landscape. During the second quarter of 2023, Mergermarket surveyed 25 distressed investors, 25 hedge funds/hedge investors, 25 investment bankers and 25 direct lenders all headquartered in the United States.

Gain insights from this in-depth report:

  • Factors shaping lending activities and their outlook for continued influence
  • Lending trends inclusive of technology and ESG
  • Lasting LIBOR impacts as lenders face adoption of alternative rates

Download the Lending in the Era of Uncertainty: Strategies for Success study below.

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