SRS Acquiom has partnered with Debtwire to bring you the latest insights on the LIBOR transition. The impacts of LIBOR cessation reach far and wide: for nearly four decades, LIBOR has been the benchmark global standard for a wide array of consumer and business loans including mortgages, consumer loans, business and corporate debt financing, and derivatives. With LIBOR phasing out at the end of 2021, financial institutions and other global businesses are investigating reference rate alternatives to replace LIBOR for existing and new loans.

This upcoming report will draw from in-depth interviews with 100 financial services professionals to reveal insights into how law firms, investment banks, direct lenders, hedge funds, and fund managers are preparing their businesses, systems, and processes for the LIBOR cessation. Register today for your copy of the report, coming in September, which will explore topics including:

  • Choosing alternative rates
  • Planned timeframes to stop using LIBOR
  • Perceptions of the Secured Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR) as an alternative rate
  • Percent of portfolios already transitioned from LIBOR

Business continuity and a balanced portfolio are of vital importance through the LIBOR transition. Gain a deeper understanding into how financial institutions and businesses are evaluating alternative benchmark rates to keep pace with the end of the LIBOR era.

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