Over a quarter of M&A deals result in an indemnification claim and nine out of ten deals include a purchase price adjustment (PPA); gain perspective on how these post-closing matters can play out from the SRS Acquiom team of experts in our 2022 Claims Insights Report.

This M&A claims report analyzes PPAs and indemnification claims from more than 700 private-target acquisitions valued at approximately $159B on which SRS Acquiom served as the shareholder representative. This includes 529 individual indemnification claims. All deals examined in this report have escrows that were fully released during the period from Q4 2020 through Q2 2022. Most of this information is not publicly available and cannot be found from any other source.

Important topics reviewed in this report include:

  • Post-Closing purchase price adjustments
  • Indemnification claim activities, including analysis of deals with Representations and Warranties Insurance
  • Expense funds
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