The right successor agent for distressed debt.

Borrower defaults on debt service payments or loan covenants may trigger the resignation or removal of an administrative agent. We pick up where the prior agent left off without losing our stride.

  • Nimble and Flexible
    Our team pivots quickly to assist you with the necessary roles that may emerge while a deal is going through underwriting, bankruptcy or restructuring.
  • Experience
    Our team has spent decades administering distressed debt and restructuring credit facilities ranging from single-lender to broadly syndicated facilities with hundreds of lenders.
  • Simplified KYC process
    Our online, interactive process has been condensed and can be completed in a few hours–from beginning to approval.
  • Ready to Meet Your Needs
    363 Sale Escrows Exercising Remedies
    Bankruptcy - Chapter 11 Exit Loans
    Bankruptcy - Chapter 15 Out-of-court Restructuring
    Debt for Equity Swaps Rescue Financing
    DIP Loans Revolver/ABL Facilities
    Note to DIP Loan Conversions