Rising Interest Rates and Restructuring Effects — SRS Acquiom Barometer

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Recent interest rate increases—and the size of those increases—will likely have a material effect on the economy as the Federal Reserve attempts to stem the effects of inflation. In the wake of these actions, more commercial loans are increasingly at-risk. What have been the impacts of these rate increases on commercial lending portfolios? How are lenders coping with these recent rate increases? What options are they reviewing with borrowers as alternatives to bankruptcy?

Between September 27 and October 7, 2022, SRS Acquiom surveyed loan professionals from various organizations – including investment banks, law firms, bank, and non-bank lenders – for their views. Respondents provided insights on the following topics:

  1. The impact of rate increases on leveraged loan investors, the formation of new commercial debt facilities, and on distressed debt activity in general
  2. The impact of interest rate increases on lenders' ability to assess price risk
  3. How respondents characterize current market conditions for large credit facilities
  4. How current market conditions are impacting respondents’ credit portfolios
  5. Solutions respondents are exploring as an alternative to bankruptcy for clients or borrows in distressed debt situations
  6. What actions respondents are taking to stay ahead of changing market conditions

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