In the mad dash to the finish line during the weeks or months that precede an M&A closing, identifying and appointing the most appropriate shareholder representative may come as an afterthought. Some clients may be unaware of the unpredictable and time-consuming responsibilities that can arise, while others prefer to assume the role themselves in order to retain control over the post-closing process. But volunteer shareholder representatives frequently find themselves without the necessary expertise to complete duties such as negotiating claims against escrowed funds, navigating protracted arbitration scenarios, or preparing schedules with complex pro rata formulas. These obligations can subject the person to material personal and legal risk, and volunteer representatives may frequently have to engage their own counsel with questions or requests for assistance. Hiring a shareholder rep for professional shareholder representation can alleviate the burden for all parties involved, allowing clients and seller’s counsel to move on to the next deal without risk or worry.

This white paper answers questions about professional shareholder representation, including:

  1. What is a professional shareholder representative?
  2. Why does your client need a professional shareholder representative?
  3. What kind of pre-closing support can a professional shareholder representative provide?
  4. What should your client expect from a professional shareholder representative post-closing?

Over a decade ago, SRS Acquiom pioneered the role of professional shareholder representation. SRS Acquiom delivers comprehensive management of post-closing activity, assuming the burdens associated with these obligations while allowing investors to retain control of all deal processes. More than two thousand deals later, we continue to raise the market standard through our unparalleled experience and team of dedicated professionals with extensive subject matter expertise across a broad range of issues.

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