Listen to Casey McTigue, Managing Director of Professional Services at SRS Acquiom, on a recent Pharmaceutical Commerce podcast. In the episode, Casey discusses the life sciences M&A environment and reviews highlights from the SRS Acquiom 2021 Life Sciences M&A Study—an analysis of 295 life sciences M&A transactions that have been closed for more than one year, including milestone achievement data on 218 deals that have earnouts. Trends in milestone payments and earnouts (near term and long term “bio-dollars”) and timing of milestone achievements are also discussed at length. Casey and the co-hosts also discuss implications of the COVID-19 pandemic across the sector informed by SRS Acquiom data, and typical negotiation responses by deal parties.

This podcast was produced in partnership with Pharmaceutical Commerce on January 21, 2022 (Duration: 17 minutes).

Podcast participants:

  • Casey McTigue—Managing Director, Professional Services Group
  • Nicholas Saraceno—Co-host and Associate Editor, Pharmaceutical Commerce
  • Michael Christel—Co-host and Editorial Director, Pharmaceutical Commerce

Listen to the podcast on the Pharmaceutical Commerce website.

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