In April we announced Acquiom Clearinghouse™, the industry’s first online M&A payments administration service. Clearinghouse replaces the hassles of the tedious paper-driven process the industry has followed for decades. One simple and secure online letter of transmittal form enables submittal of all personal and tax information for payment.

Shareholder Experience

With Clearinghouse, shareholders are completing the whole process of logging in and submitting the letter of transmittal, tax forms and payment information in just minutes, after we send out the initial email that provides secure login information.

80% Paid Day of Closing

In fact, over 80% of proceeds on deals that have used Acquiom Clearinghouse have been paid to shareholders the day of closing. In comparison, the industry norm is 6-7 days.

Acquiom Clearinghouse is a game changer. Please contact us for a live demonstration.

Learn more or view introductory video.

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