Simplified Escrow Administration.

With a variety of investment and deposit options, streamlined account opening, and high-touch service through a single point of contact, SRS Acquiom simplifies the M&A escrow experience to help you gain more.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

SRS Acquiom’s escrow administration service features attractive economics, flexibility around fees, first-class service, and a fast engagement process.

Our highly-rated escrow banks, SunTrust and Capital One, are the independent escrow agents. Escrowed funds are placed in the elected bank deposit accounts or in our proprietary non-deposit option, Escrow Shield Plus™.

Multiple Options to Choose From

Escrow Shield Plus– A non-bank deposit backed by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company offering a principal guarantee, opportunity for higher yield, and earnings can be used to reduce or eliminate payments fees.

Institutional Deposits – SunTrust or Capital One Bank deposits where interest can be used to reduce or eliminate payments fees.

SunTrust® Non-Interest Deposit – A bank deposit that avoids 1099-INT reporting hassles, and waived interest can reduce or eliminate payments fees.