Faster payments through the most comprehensive M&A payments system available

We believe the paying agent process should be a faster and simpler experience for everyone involved. SRS Acquiom was the first to create an intuitive way for shareholders to complete and return the documents necessary to receive their merger consideration online. SRS Acquiom M&A payments process is modern, hassle-free and trusted, with over $210 billion in payments made to date. See our client success stories.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

  • Online Payments to All Parties
    No other provider processes payments to securityholders,

    Eliminate the administrative headaches and costs associated with keeping the seller’s current or former employees on payroll after the deal closes.

    When you add compensation payments to a payments administration engagement, SRS Acquiom can pay former employees directly, even years after the deal closes. We manage tax withholding, W2s, and record keeping.

    , and vendors and manages tax withholding on Israel-related deals. SRS Acquiom handles it all with our best-in-class technology platform. Additionally, we provide foreign exchange services and can accommodate the receipt or distribution of payments in a local currency.
  • Ease of Management
    Instead of multiple touch points for letters of transmittal, payment instructions, tax forms and more, we offer a single point of contact—and a single login—for managing everything. Online management adds a level of safety for people—no trips to the post office, and no mailroom sorting.
  • Fast Payment Processing
    We process most payments within one business day—instead of the customary weeks of waiting time.
  • Deal Dashboard
    Our comprehensive online dashboard lets deal parties know what is happening with the deal at any time. See detailed payment status for each transaction, including payment method, payment date, and payment amount all in one easy-to-access location. And, have access to an online data room of all transaction documents.
  • Integrated Platform
    Seamlessly pair payments services with our M&A escrow agent and pre-closing solicitation solutions for a one-stop, simplified deal experience and enhanced document collection.
  • Experts
    Our paying agent team brings an unsurpassed depth of experience to your M&A transaction and is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We work with many of the largest strategic acquirers and private equity funds. We have been engaged to support deals across 120+ countries.
  • Sense of Urgency
    We live in the M&A ecosystem—we understand the urgency of getting information and agreements on your schedule, not ours.