A smarter system for document distribution and action.

When it comes to distributing, collecting and tabulating pre-closing documents, paper-and-mail service has been the norm. We saw an opportunity to update and improve an archaic, costly, and time-consuming aspect of the M&A process.

What You Gain from SRS Acquiom

SRS Acquiom Pre-Closing Stockholder Solicitation is the only online, customizable, flexible, private-target M&A solution ideal for everything from information statements, consents, joinders, 280G elections and more. Send, sign, verify, and tabulate key documents with our intuitive, secure system. With it, you’ll gain:

Speed: Our online system replaces the traditional slow mailing process of document collection, serving all shareholders instantly.

Flexible Platform: Stockholders view only the documents they need to review and execute. They can interact with each document individually, unlike other electronic document signature systems.

Tabulation and Reporting: We tabulate and provide reporting to deal parties.

A Streamlined Payments Experience: Pairs perfectly with our Clearinghouse™ payments platform to ensure a seamless and more efficient process from document collection to payment.