In our Expert Video Series: M&A Deal Terms Study, we present key findings and trends within our 2019 M&A Deal Terms Study featuring Christopher Letang, Managing Director, and Sara Wilcox, Executive Director.

The study, using data from MarketStandard®, analyzes 1,200 private-target acquisitions, valued at over $223 billion that closed from 2014 through 2018 in which SRS Acquiom provided professional and financial services. Unique data points covered in this series include:

  • Purchase Price Adjustment Trends
  • Carve-Out Trends
  • Indemnification: Basket & Threshold Trends
  • Escrow Trends

Download the full 2019 M&A Deal Terms Study.

Purchase Price Adjustment Trends (2:03)


Careveout Trends (1:58)


Indemnification Trends (2:02)


Escrow Trends (2:01)


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