How to Protect Deal Parties in Cannabis M&A Deals

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With unique challenges pre- and post-closing, cannabis M&A deals require specialized expertise to navigate. These challenges may vary from different stages of maturity and legality across the U.S., to access to financial services, investor tolerance for risk, and nuanced licensing requirements. Learn important transaction tips to keep your deal on track. Topics related to escrows, holdbacks and expense funds, compensation, third-party claims, and more are presented.

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Andrew Noble

Senior Director, Institutional Client Relations tel:415-373-4022

Andrew Noble is a senior director of Institutional Client Relations. He works with selling shareholders to resolve post-closing claims for indemnification, earnout and milestone issues, third-party litigation, and other matters that arise after the acquisition has closed.

Before joining SRS Acquiom, Andrew was a litigator at a San Francisco-based law firm where he tried numerous cases on behalf of financial institutions and investment partners.

Andrew graduated from the University of Washington School of Law and Whitman College. Andrew is admitted to practice law in California and Washington state.

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